IACTE/IFCSE Conference

This Tuesday two state officers, Kate, and Nick, and the national officer candidate, Sydney attended the IACTE/IFCSE Conference in Des Moines to promote Iowa FCCLA. They attended several breakout sessions where they helped new advisers and potential advisers to gain a better understanding of FCCLA. Kate and Nick even had to opportunity to meet with DMACC President Rob Denson and share their personal experiences with him. Later that night, the three were able to speak to FCS teachers about the benefits of having FCCLA in their communities. The conference was a wonderful experience for the team to network with advisers, hand out business cards, and set up school visits.

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June State Executive Council Meeting

The SEC gathered for three days packed full of learning and fun! Our first opportunity to flaunt our Red Jacket Swag was during the FCCLA Board of Directors Meeting, where we got to meet the adults in charge of FCCLA’s success. Then, we visited the Children and Families of Iowa. Together we have chosen this organization as our State Wide Service Project. After dinner, we returned to our hotel to prepare a few surprises for National Leadership Conference. We can’t wait to share them with you!
The next day we attended CTSO Officer Training and bonded with the other Iowa  (DECA, HOSA, FBLA, BPA). We made some great friends and shared ideas on fundraising, recruitment, community service, and conference ideas. Our favorite part was the Improv-Rap-Battle-Ice-Breaker! We hope to incorporate all of the ideas we’ve learned to an event with you!

On the final day of or meeting, we developed and addressed over 120 sponsorship letters. We left the meeting with our heads spinning with ideas and more excited than ever for National Leadership Conference. We hope to see you there!





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State Wide Service Project!

This past week at our State Executive Council meeting we had the chance to visit the Iowa Children and Families of Iowa. Together we have chosen this organization as our State Wide Service Project! There will be more information to come, for now you can learn about Children and Families of Iowa:



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First State Executive Council Meeting

The 2015-2016 Iowa FCCLA State Executive Council had their first meeting on May 9th-10th. To start the meeting, we each brought in five “pieces of me” to share, and learn more about each other. We also talked about who are stakeholders in Iowa FCCLA. We came up with the members, the school, parents and family, business owners, communities, and the government. Without any one of these six groups FCCLA either wouldn’t exist or would be based around something completely different. After that, we worked on our communication skills as a leader. We learned about each other’s strengths and weaknesses in leadership abilities. This helped us learn how to be leaders on the inside and out. The best part of the day was getting to try on our Red Jackets for the first time!

That night, we worked on our Program of Work goals and decided on a theme for the upcoming year! The next morning we talked about sponsorships and making SMART goals. After this, we ended our meeting with talking about the plans for National Leadership Conference in Washington DC! By the time we left, the State Executive Council felt we really connected with each other, and we formed memories we will never forget at our first meeting. We look forward to our next meeting in preparation for nationals!


Will you be joining us in Washington for National Leadership Conference in July?! We can’t wait to announce our theme for the year and start meeting you, the members!IMG_1162

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Meet your 2015-2016 State Executive Council!

Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Kate Closson, and I am your 2014-2015 State President. I discovered that I wanted to run for state office at the first State Leadership Conference that I had attended. I was able to see the amazing experience that the state officers that year had, and they inspired me to run for state office later in my FCCLA career. Once I was able to build confidence and become a better leader after several years of being a member, I knew that it was my time to run for state office. As a state officer, I am looking forward to allowing others enhance their leadership skills, while also continuing to improve mine. I am so excited for what this upcoming year has in store! My favorite FCS class that I have taken is Culinary Arts. I appreciate good food, and I thought that it was a great experience to be able to prepare it. Along with FCCLA, I am also involved in tennis and national honor society. After I graduate high school, I plan to major in actuarial science and attend either Drake University or Iowa State University.



Hello, my name is Abby Pickard and I am your 2015-2016 State Vice President.  As a past vice president and current president of my district, I discovered that my leadership had a big impact on others around me.  FCCLA has challenged me to step outside my comfort and become a strong leader.  At the 2014 Fall Leadership Rally, I decided to challenge myself a little bit more and attend the state officer breakout session.  It got me fired up and ready to become an even stronger leader by inspiring more people.  As a state officer, I am looking forward to helping my community even more and encouraging members to be the best leader they can be.  My favorite FCS class I have taken would have to be Child Development.  This class greatly helped me become more prepared for the future for when I become a parent. I am also involved in drama, speech, national honor society, silver cord, youth group, and choir.  After high school, I plan on becoming a speech therapist and attending Northwestern College in Orange City, IA.



Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Hailey Schmitz, and I am your 2015-2016 State Vice-President of Records and Finance. After attending National Leadership Convention in San Antonio, Texas this past summer I realized all the amazing opportunities that I had been able to experience as a result of FCCLA. This is when I was inspired to be apart of something bigger than myself, and run for a state office. I am most looking forward to getting to know a lot more of the incredible FCCLA members around the entire state of Iowa. My favorite FCS class that I’ve taken was FCS 3; in this class I was a part of a lab group where we experimented cooking with different recipes, and of course eating them afterwards! I am also involved in cross-country, golf, basketball, dance team, dance, softball, FFA, future problem solvers, national history day, talented and gifted, church youth group, national honor society, husky leadership team, national society of high school scholars, 4-H, girl scouts, silver cord, and speech. My plans for after high school are to attend Wartburg College for pre-medicine, and then continue on to medical school where I plan to become a dermatologist.



Hello FCCLA cool-cats! My name is Nick Greiner and I will be serving as your 2015-2016 Vice-President of Public Relations. I decided to run for a state office after noting the growth and development in last year’s President, Austin Graber. I watched him grow as a leader for years before realizing, “HEY! I can do that too!” My favorite FCCLA memory so far would be at last year’s National Leadership Conference when the interest session rooms were mixed up and I ended up in State Officer Training… maybe it was a sign, because here I am now! As a state officer, I’m looking forward to networking and visiting all the district meetings. My favorite FCS class has been FCS Leadership because it allows me to help with the special education classes. Outside of FCCLA, I spend a majority of my time with track, soccer, NHS, choir, marching/pep/concert band, and my job at the ARK Recording Studio. After high school I plan to enlist with the National Guard or attend college for Audio Engineering.



Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Chelsea Boyden, and I am your 2015-2016 Vice President of Families First. In junior high and through my freshman year, I’ve always admired and looked up to the SEC, thinking, “They’re awesome, I want to be like them”. So at a young age, I set myself a goal, and here I am now! I’m looking forward to sharing my ideas and putting my leadership skills to good use, and most importantly, encourage fellow FCCLA members and to educate them about the many leadership possibilities you get through FCCLA! My favorite FCS class is Intro to FCS, because I was able to do just about a little bit of everything in that class, and I love diversity! Along with being a chapter, district, and now state officer in FCCLA, I am the president of my 4-H club, I participate in dance, math club, TAG, class president, choir, band, color guard, drama, speech, church youth group, church day camp coordinator, and I work at a bank and a local restaurant. After high school I plan to major in music therapy and to attend Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa


Hello Iowa FCCLA! I am Kilie Akers, your 2015-2016 Vice President of Student Body. Joining FCCLA my freshman year, and being able to watch everyone that ran for state office last year, gave me the drive and determination to run for state office this year. I told myself at that moment, that I was going to be in a red jacket, and most importantly be a representative for Iowa FCCLA the following year, and here I am. It’s given me the opportunity to do more community service, and has taught me that anything is possible if I set my mind to it. I have also learned valuable life lessons that I can take with me everywhere I go, and speaking abilities I never would’ve had without this organization. I am so excited to share my knowledge about FCCLA with everyone, and learn even more about the organization that I never knew before. I am looking forward to meeting all of you who love FCCLA as much as I do, and to be able to share my leadership skills I have gained through this organization. My favorite FCS class is FCS itself. I love to bake, and through the class, I get to be apart of the bakery we put on. My favorite part about the class is making cakes, like ones you see on the TV show Cake Boss (except mine aren’t as cool looking as theirs). I am also involved in volleyball, club volleyball, cheerleading, track, softball, ASA softball, dance, dance competition team, choir, chamber choir, band, pageants, National Honors Society, and I am even a dance teacher. I plan to get my Doctorate in Anesthesia to become an Anesthesiologist, and attend the University of Iowa (for now).



Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Alesha Terveer and I am a sophomore at Iowa Falls-Alden High School. I am your 2015-2016 Vice President of Financial Fitness! I chose to run for this position after hearing a lot about the great things officers do from the two previous state officers that went to my school. In the upcoming year, I hope to meet a lot of new people and get to know my State Executive Council members, while striving to improve my leadership skills. My favorite FCS class so far has been Textiles and Merchandising. I like to learn new things and love to be creative. So it was perfect for me. Besides FCCLA, I am active in cross country, tennis, color guard, individual group speech, concert band, pep band, marching band, math club, leo club, Girl Scouts, and church youth group. My future plans are to attend Allen College to become a Nurse Practitioner.

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Protected: STAR Case Studies

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

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The Iowa FCCLA state officers met on Friday, August 1 and Saturday, August 2. On Friday morning Janet Mann, the peer education coordinator talked about the different peer ed teams. Everyone learned a ton and became more familiar with the different teams. They talked about new ideas for the teams as well as improvements that could be made. They then worked on getting things prepared for Fall Leadership Rally. Everyone is excited to lead breakout sessions and really get people pumped for an awesome year of FCCLA. They did some team bonding and had a great day. Saturday was spent working on sponsorships.

Fall Leadership will be held on Monday, October 13. The state officer team is looking forward to seeing everyone there and having a great time as we kick off a fantastic year of FCCLA!
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Iowa FCCLA officers had a great time attending nationals in San Antonio, Texas July 6-10. They attended leadership academy, networking, and revealed the state theme.
During the leadership academy state officers learned about stake holders, building a partnership portfolio, public speaking skills, and many more. Ben, Micaela, and Austin also got a chance to network with the national officer candidates. Austin then submitted the ballot for the 10 candidates the officer team thought was best. The state theme was revealed as capture the moment. We ended the conference with a gala and got to relax after a long, but awesome week of leadership training.
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IFCSE Conference!

On Monday, July 21, Micaela and Marissa attended the IFCSE Conference. They both had a great time and got to network with many new people. In the morning they had a booth set up to talk about FCCLA. They talked with existing FCCLA advisors, as well as with FCS teachers who were interested in starting a chapter. They introduced the idea to advisors about having Skype visits. This would allow state officers to visit chapters while having the convenience of video chatting. They then attended the luncheon where they talked about why they joined FCCLA, why they ran for a state office, why everyone should have an FCCLA chapter, and expressed their gratitude for current advisors. It was a great experience and they made lots of new connections.

The officer team is looking forward to seeing everyone at Fall Leadership Rally on Monday, October 13th, which will be held in the Scheman building at Iowa State University.
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First SEC Meeting!

The FCCLA SEC met on Friday, May 2nd and on Saturday, May 3rd. We discussed our goals for the year, developed our theme, and established our program of works. We worked on developing goals that were reachable, but also allowed us to push ourselves. Throughout our first meetings we were involved in different activities that allowed us to work on our communication skills and thinking on our feet. As the SEC we are looking forward to developing leaders across Iowa as the year goes on. We are all super excited about the upcoming year.


Hopefully you all will be joining us for National Leadership Conference in July! We can’t wait to see you all in San Antonio and announce our theme for the year.

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SLC Recap

Wow! What an amazing year! On Sunday, March 23rd. The State Executive Council arrived in Des Moines to set up for the Iowa FCCLA State Leadership Conference. This day consisted of putting t-shirt/polo orders together, practicing scripts, having a state officer candidate meeting, and meeting the national officer, Christian Anheluk. It was an eventful day and full of lots of hard work.

On Monday, it was time to remind Iowa FCCLA how to Treasure the Past and Transform the Future. Our theme for the 2013-2014 school year was motivational to students, staff and adviser across the state. The State Executive Council began their day with script practice. This practice allowed all of us to become more comfortable with our lines and stage presence. By 8 A.M., members started to gather in the convention center to compete in STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) Events. These competitions lasted most of the day, and the SEC is extremely proud of every member who took the step to reach for the stars. We know we are sending exceptional projects to San Antonio this summer. While STAR Events continued to take place, the SEC and Christian, led two networking sessions. The sessions helped to bring people from across the state together and form many friendships. The sessions consisted of a variety of games to keep FCCLA members thinking about their leadership potentials. We also threw in some fun games to make every member enjoy themselves. At 6 P.M., the doors to the opening session opened. As members fled the doors and found their seats, the SEC and many members danced around the room to enjoyable upbeat music. This session contained a lot of excitement and smiles. When the session ended, members departed to their regional meetings and voted on their future Iowa FCCLA SEC. Two new officers were elected on Monday night. The last thing of the night was the evening entertainment. The entertainment this year was a hypnotist! Members and SEC from across the state of Iowa were hypnotized and provided the delegation with a laugh or two. To wrap up the day, members went back to their hotels, and the SEC enjoyed their last night in a hotel together.

On Tuesday, the SEC met a 7 A.M. to practice scripts again. At 9 A.M., the SEC took pictures with Click Photography. The doors opened at 9:15 A.M. Members soon congregated to receive awards at the business session. This session consisted of nomination awards, candidate speeches, and the financial report. After the business session was over, members and the SEC mingled for awhile. At this time, lunch took place and the new officers found out their future positions. After lunch, interest sessions began. Advisers and members took in a lot of information to help them with their FCCLA journeys. All of the state officers led successful sessions on Tuesday. After the interest sessions were completed, the SEC met in the ballroom to prepare for the closing session. The doors opened at 2:45 P.M. At this point, parents, staff, advisers, and members gathered to receive STAR Event awards, peer ed awards, step one/power of one awards, hear farewell speeches from the SEC, and induct new officers. The awards went very well and members were able to see how they can truly excel in FCCLA. The 2013-2014 SEC gave their farewell speeches. This was an emotional time for all of us, and we can truly say this has been the best year of our lives. We have been through so many events together, and we were sad to leave FCCLA. Through this conference, we know FCCLA has definitely transformed our futures, and we hope it has done the same thing for every member. Although we will be sad to give up our positions, we wish the 2014-2015 SEC the best of luck in all that is to come. Thank you Iowa FCCLA for allowing us this wonderful opportunity to show you how to Treasure the Past, Transform the Future!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” –Dr. Seuss

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Meet Your New Officers!

Austin Graber-President

Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Austin Graber, and I am your 2014-2015 State President. Since 7th grade, I have been involved with FCCLA and have always thought about becoming a state officer, but never really took action until last winter when our former Vice President of Student Body, Sadie Timms, came up and asked me if I would like to run. One thing I am looking forward to this year is being able to go to the different district meetings and also visit with some of the chapters to see what they are doing in FCCLA. As a member you don’t have these opportunities to see the different things going on across the state, and I want to take full advantage of this opportunity. My favorite FCS class that I have completed is Beginning Culinary Arts. Not often do you get to work with a team to make food from scratch that you can later enjoy. Other than FCCLA, I am involved in baseball, basketball, football, choir, church youth group, band, and theater. I am unsure of my future plans after high school.

Marissa Janssen-First Vice President

Greetings Iowa FCCLA! My name is Marissa Janssen from Nashua-Plainfield Schools,, and I am your 2014-2015 First Vice-President. When I first joined FCCLA, I met an inspirational member at my first District STAR Event’s Competition. That same member just last year was elected as our 2013-2014 Vice-President of Parliamentary Law. She then spoke with me at Fall Leadership Rally during a breakout session about becoming a State Officer. She helped me realize that with my previous leadership positions and involvement in FCCLA, I would be a great asset to the State Executive Council! I look forward to meeting all the incredible members that are a part of FCCLA and to help educate members about the numerous leadership possibilities.  I would have to say that my favorite FCS class that I have taken in high school would be Food & Wellness. This class not only teaches me the importance of different techniques of food preparation and how to prepare different types of meals, but I also get to serve to the great people of my community during our Heart N Soul Cafe restaurants!  I am involved in cheerleading, basketball, track, softball, dance team, Spanish club, speech, drama, church youth group, 4-H, and I also work at my local Pizza Hut. After graduating from high school, my future plans are to attend Wartburg College in Waverly, IA or Drake University in Des Moines, IA where I plan to major in pre-medicine.

Micaela Choate-Vice President of Records and Finance

Greetings, Iowa FCCLA members! My name is Micaela Choate, and I’m your 2014-2015 Vice President of Records and Finance. There are many events that lead to me wanting to run as a state officer. I was elected as a chapter officer and as a district officer. I also saw my fellow chapter member, Kylie Gerstein, be elected as your 2013-2014 Vice President of Parliamentary Law. All of these events made my dream of becoming a state officer seem closer to reality. I will always remember those days and how it left me wanting more of the FCCLA experience. I can’t wait to serve as a member of the SEC. I’m also looking forward to getting to know the other officers who have the same passion for FCCLA as I do. My favorite FCS class was Introduction to FCS. I can’t imagine where I would be now if I hadn’t taken it. The class really got me hooked on FCCLA. I had a great teacher who gave me a taste of the things that I could learn through FCS courses. Outside of FCCLA, I am involved in volleyball, track, three youth groups, band, Academic Decathlon, Best Buddies, FFA, Leo Club, Math Club, IE Speech, and TRIO. My future plans include attending Simpson College or Iowa State. My major is yet undecided, but I have it narrowed down to Engineering, Accounting, or Agricultural Education.

Carolyn Power-Vice President of Public Relations

Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Carolyn Power, and I am the 2014- 2015 Vice President Of Public Relations! I ran to be a state officer because with the help of people around me I began to understand and be proud of my talent in being a great leader. After I came to grips with that I went forth and decided that being a State Officer was just the job for me! I am looking forward to serving the state this year by being the best leader I know I can be! I am so excited to get to know all of you throughout my term and make an impact on all of your FCCLA experiences. My favorite FCS class that I have taken would have to be Adult Living/Early Childhood Development. I really enjoyed this class because it teaches you so many things about what you’re going to encounter in the real world. I also love kids, so it was very interesting to learn about their developmental process! I am involved in many activities in my community and school! Some of the school activities that I have been in and/or currently involved in are CAD, TSA, Cyber Patriots, Speech, Drama, Cheerleading, and FCCLA. In my community I in volunteer in activities like Special Olympics, and Camp Heart Connection, which has now evolved into Children’s Cancer Connection. As well as my volunteering activities, I am also in a The Cadet program for my city. Lastly, I am a nursery director at my church, and a bible study teacher at our children’s bible camp. After high school I plan on going to college become a Pediatric NICU Nurse, and possibly continuing on to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. My choice of college is still undecided. I am looking forward to sharing this amazing year with all of you.

 LeAnn Jensen-Vice President of Families First

Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is LeAnn Jensen and I am your 2014-2015 Vice President of Families First. I am a sophmore this year at Shenandoah High School. Last year while I was at the 2013 State Leadership Conference I was a voting delegate watching the candidates run for state office. I knew then I wanted to be a state officer as well, so I set a goal for myself. I am looking forward to meeting FCCLA members this upcoming year and making new friends. I want to grow as a leader in this wonderful organization and help you grow too! Not only am I involved in FCCLA, but I’ve also been on swim team for the past 7 years. I am in the Anti-Bullying Club at school and I’ve just started working at the Shenandoah Public Library. My favorite FCS class is Housing because I love to decorate and arrange furniture. After high school I plan on going to college at FIDM in Los Angeles, California to major in Interior Design.

Ben Rockhold-Vice President of Student Body

Hello, all you awesome FCCLA members! I’m Ben Rockhold, and I’m your 2014-2015 State Vice President of Student Body. A long time ago, I had to give my first ever speech in front of all my family and some friends for a speech contest, and I remember that day! I was so nervous, my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. But after that, I figured it wasn’t so bad, so I decided this: from here on out, when people say, “Why?”, I will say, “Why not?”. So now I push myself to be better than I think I can be in everything I do, and face the impossible head on. This year I’m looking forward to an awesome year of meeting a lot of new people and getting to know my fellow officers as well. My favorite FCS class is Family Living, because it teaches the importance of having a family not just with those that are related to you, but to have a strong family relationship with your friends. It’s made me appreciate the family and friends that I have. I’m also involved in football, NHS, TAG, CCOPS, Speech/Drama, choir and fulfilling my office as  junior class president.  My future plans are to attend a college after high school and figure out exactly what I want to do later in life.

Susie Lupkes-Vice President of Financial Fitness

Hello Iowa FCCLA! I’m Susie Lupkes and I am you 2014-2015 Vice President of Financial Fitness. This past year I have been involved in many things. I have helped the Waukee chapter with fundraising and recruitment. While doing that it made me want to run for state officer because I felt I was making a difference. While being a state officer I look forward to learning more about FCCLA and meeting new people! My favorite FCS class I have taken would have to be Interpersonal Relationships. The class tought me how to work on relationships and how to approach a problem. I am involved in school volleyball, best buddies and club volleyball and attending church camps in the summer. After high school I plan on going to college for Sports Medicine at Central College or Luther College.


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