June SEC Meeting!

This past week, the SEC met for their 3-day June training. On Wednesday, June 8th, the SEC attended the June Board Meeting. They got the opportunity to voice their opinions on changing the districts, sponsorships, the new red jacket policy for nationals, and many other topics.

On Thursday, June 9, they attended the world pork expo looking for potential sponsors. As a team they made delicious rice crispy treats for Blank Children’s Hospitals’ staff as well as for their CTSO training the next day. At Blank Children’s Hospital they learned what the hospital was all about and how they could get  Iowa FCCLA involved. The SEC finished the day off by prepping for the national leadership conference in San Diego, CA.

On Friday, June 10th, the team headed to the Capitol building further CTSO training with a ton of other great organizations. They learned a lot about leadership and got to meet the Honorable Terry Branstad. The SEC had a long three days but loved every moment of it. They can’t wait to share all of their plans with you at the national conference in July!


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First SEC Meeting!

This past weekend the SEC met for our first training of the year. As a team, we came up with the State Theme, the State Service Project, finished our program of work with all of our goals for the year, and started planning for nationals. The team is so excited for the year and is already having a blast! We can’t wait to share the State Theme we came up with and see all of the members at nationals!

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Meet your 2016-2017 State Executive Council!

Hey Iowa FCCLA! My name is Kendra Michael, and I am your 2016­-2017 State President. I am from the West Lyon FCCLA chapter in Northwest Iowa. I started FCCLA at my school my 7th grade year. I have been a past chapter and district president. FCCLA has given me so many opportunities. This organization has given me so much confidence to know that I can make a difference. I travel to Haiti and employee 14 teenage Haitian girls to continually help the Haitian people. Through FCCLA I have been able to speak about my passion to make a difference in Haiti and those in need. Ever since I joined FCCLA I have looked up to my state officers. I always thought the state officers were the coolest people ever, and I wanted to become a state officer as well. I am looking to a year of great accomplishments but also of so much fun! I hope to make a difference in Iowa FCCLA and make us the best we can be. I am also involved in speech, choir, volleyball, and church. My favorite FCS class in “Entrepreneurship.” After high school, I hope to go to college at South Dakota State University for some type of field in medicine.

Hi FCCLA members! My name is Brittany Ringler, and I am your 2016-2017 State First Vice President. When I attended my first district meeting, I realized I had a passion for FCCLA. I also realized that I wanted to be a State Officer and have that red jacket swag. I look forward to a great year meeting all the amazing FCCLA members, as well as, helping expand this great organization! My favorite FCS class would have to be parenting and child development because I loved getting to have a play date with the children at Shining Stars Daycare. Along with be involved in FCCLA, I am a member of Best Buddies and I am on the Girls Golf Team. After high school, I plan on attending the University of Iowa to pursue a major in Pediatric Nursing.

My name is Madeleine Urbanek (Maddie for short), and I am your Vice President of Community Outreach for 2016-2017. I still remember learning about FCCLA through my first FCS class. At the time, I figured my participation in the organization wouldn’t reach farther than my chapter. However, after finding myself signing up for a district office and standing on a stage in front of several hundred FCCLA members to give my campaign speech, I realized I was in for a wild ride. I am very excited to say I have a lot planned for Iowa FCCLA this year, and I look forward to inspiring individual members to make a difference in both their chapters and communities. To those wondering what kind of FCS classes I enjoy: it has got to be Foods and Nutrition. Where else can you make pumpkin ravioli with cream cheese filling? I am also involved in all kinds of activities at school: theatre, band, student council, National Honor Society, Talented and Gifted, and my personal favorite, speech. In my future, I plan to attend school on the East Coast and pursue medical research.

Hello Iowa FCCLA! My name is Carly Rahn, and I am your 2016-2017 Vice President of Competitive Events. The first time I really remember wanting to run for state office was last year at State Leadership Conference. It was the first time I had seen the State Executive Council and they really inspired me to want to become a better leader. Since then I have become my Chapter’s Co-President, District Secretary and now a State Officer! In my upcoming year as a state officer I look forward to being able to further develop my leadership skills and also being able to bond with my fellow state officers! My favorite FCS class that I have taken is Child Development, I love being around kids so I really enjoyed being able to learn about parenting and how babies/children grow and develop. Other than FCCLA, I am involved in Golf, Softball and Wrestling Managing, and the Talented and Gifted program. My plans after High School are currently undecided, but I hope to attend a four year college with a possible major in Math.

Greetings Iowa FCCLA! I am Sarah Dillinger from the Missouri Valley Chapter. I am your 2016­2017 Vice President of Membership and Development. The experience that interested me in running for state officer was the 2013 district meeting in Logan, IA. There, I witnessed a state officer addressing the meeting. The thing I remembered most was her red jacket. Since then, I’ve always wanted “Red Jacket Swag.” On a more serious note, I saw the SEC as a way to impact Iowa FCCLA and its members on a large scale. Something I am looking forward to most is connecting with other state’s officers in San Diego and bringing back ideas to our council. My favorite FCS class is my independent study, Leading in the Modern World. This is because Leading in the Modern World gives my leadership skills purpose and real­life application. Also, I get to spend 50 minutes every school day with my adviser, which is always a bonus! I am also involved in individual speech, Key Club, math club, Y.E.S., quiz bowl, student council, class vice president, National Honor Society, and band. After graduation, I plan to attend Creighton University in Omaha, NE and major in Management or double major in Political Science and Marketing. These plans are not set in stone because you never know what else may spark your interest!

Hey there Iowa FCCLA! I am Trinity Miler, and I am your 2016-2017 Vice President of Finance. This past year I have had the opportunity to become my district’s president and I made myself a mission: After you make district officer, finish your desire to impact through leadership. I have always wanted to challenge myself to grow more as a person. I hope that I can complete my mission but impacting everyone I meet by helping them reach for the sky and give back to this great organization. My favorite FCS class that helped me build up a better leader is Family Living. This class has taught me how me how to budget money, save, and spending necessities, as well as teach me how to like math just a little bit more. I am also involved with FFA, student council, book club, speech team, cheerleading, football manager, youth council and outreach committee, 4H, Murray and New Virginia saddle clubs, Iowa Junior Beef Breeders Association, and much more. After high school I plan to major in nursing, and reaching a goal of receiving a degree as a vet technician at North Central Missouri Community College in Trenton, MO.

Hello, My name is Gabe Madson. I am from Harlan Iowa, and I am your 2016-2017 Iowa FCCLA Vice President of Programs. I wanted to become a state officer because I wanted to help as many members as I could to find their leadership potential and to have fun in FCCLA. I want to become a better leader in myself because I want to help around my school and in FCCLA. I look forward to helping members with National Programs, and encourage members to use their National Program projects as STAR Events. My favorite FCS class was Sewing. There were many fun projects that we made ourselves through the semester as well as fun small projects that we did as well. I am involved with the High School Jazz Band, Show Choir, and Jazz Choir. I am involved with Foreign Language Club, and I am involved with 4-H where I am a club officer, a member of the Youth Committee, and a member of County Council. I plan on going to Simpson College to study business or musical education and spend a few years at the Culinary Institute.

Hello! My name is Noah Brinkmeyer, and I am your 2016-2017 Vice President of Public Relations. This past year as a District Officer, I realized I could impact FCCLA on a large scale and help a lot of people at the same time. This inspired me to run for State Office. This coming year I look forward to helping our members grow their leadership abilities and reach their fullest potentials. My favorite FCS class was Life Skills, because I learned practical knowledge that prepared me for real life situations. I am also involved in Student Council, National Honor Society, Car Club, FFA, Music Club, Business Club, Band, Jazz Band, Choir, Tiger Voices ( in-school acapella group), Theater, Soccer, Cross-Country and Leadership Ames. My future plans include attending a four year college and pursuing a degree in music and business.

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State Conference 2016!

Whew! The 2016 State Leadership Conference was three jam-packed days of leadership, fun, and life-changing opportunities, which officially began bright and early Monday morning at 8am, with STAR Events presentations. Members who were not competing or were waiting to present were able to attend a College Resource Fair in order to learn more about their options for colleges in Iowa.

The General Opening Session featured guest speakers Josh Sorbe, the FCCLA National President, and Michael Cuestas, who literally lit up the convention center with his message about perseverance. The State Officer candidates were introduced and presented their speeches, before opening session was dismissed for the evening entertainment.    ​

The next day held just as much excitement. Many interest sessions were available for members to attend, including workshops with our guest speaker Michael Cuestas, a National Policy Seminar review, an introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, and a guide to running for office, among others.​     ​

Iowa FCCLA is proud to recognize the hard work and dedication of our members, as shown in their completion of programs such as STEP ONE, Power of One, Peer Education, and STAR Events. STAR Events teams will be representing Iowa FCCLA at the National Leadership Conference in San Diego this July.  ​     ​

The closing ceremony celebrated “Destination Leadership: Pave the Way” and the 2015-2016 State Executive Council with a year in review. The State Officers presented their farewells and oversaw the installation of the 2016-2017 State Executive Council. Congratulations to the newly elected State Officers, to the STAR Events participants representing Iowa FCCLA in San Diego, and Chelsea Boyden, our National Office Candidate.​

Look for pictures to come!

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Register here for State Conference!

State Leadership Conference will be April 3rd-5th, and take place at the Airport Holiday Inn and Convention Center in Des Moines!


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National Anthem for State Conference!

If you would like to sing the national anthem at State Leadership Conference this year, please let us know! Send a video of you singing the national anthem to Timothy Marx (timothy.marx@iafccla.org) by March 11th. The audition can be individual or an ensemble.  Must not be a state officer candidate.

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Shirt Order Form for State Conference!


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Day at the Capitol 2016!

The SEC met February 6th snd 7th for their February meeting. They started off the weekend by attending the FCCLA Board of Directors meeting Saturday morning. The State Executive Council made the finishing preparations for Day at the Capitol and made plans for State Leadership Conference! We finished making plans for the state officer candidate election process as well as a few surprises that we can’t wait to show you! Despite the bad weather, we had our Day at the Capitol on Monday, February 8th to kick off National FCCLA Week. Members went through advocacy training lead by the state officers and met with their senators and representatives and talked about a specific issue in today’s society that FCCLA helps to improve or solve through national programs and competitive events. It was a very successful day that not even the weather could ruin. We are excited to see you all at State Leadership Conference in April!



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District 10 Meeting!

On January 29th, the District 10 meeting was held at the Indian Hills Community College. STAR event presentations began immediately after Opening Ceremony. Members who were not competing toured the facilities with IHCC Chef Gordon, who shared his life experiences along the way. Members also were able to chat with Chef Gordon’s students from South America. After touring and lunch, Marlene Sprouse, IHCC Community College’s President, shared her thoughts on leadership and what it took to be successful in an ever-changing society. The day concluded with the installation of new officers, pictured below.

unnamed (2)
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District 5 District Star Event!

On January 18th, District 5 held their District STAR competition at Waukee High School. Members were greeted by the morning’s guest speaker, who discussed what it meant to make the “Everyday Difference.” Soon after, STAR Event presentations began for some members, while other members were able to participate in a number of service projects in the cafeteria. The students brought in many donations! The day was concluded with the award ceremony and closing session.

Although this was the first of many star event competitions, we hope you are getting excited, and working hard on all your projects! On behalf of the state officer team we wish you lots of luck! We can’t wait to see you at STATE CONFERENCE!!


(Pictured are state officers in attendance; Kate Closson, and Nick Greiner)


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District 3 Visit!

On October 26th, chapters in District 3 met in Waterloo at Hawkeye Community College. Members got the opportunity to meet the keynote speaker, Brent Matthias. Brent spoke about leadership and the characteristics of being a leader. Members also participated in a district service project. The service project was called “Hailey’s Helping Hand”. This project involved helping patients of a hospital obtain necessities needed in everyday life that they may not be able to afford or obtain on their own. All chapters attending the meeting brought in needed items such as shampoo, conditioner, towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, lotion, and other personal care items. Each person attending received the opportunity to create a care package. All together there was about 100 care packages made. District 3 officers concluded their terms as officers and new 2015-2016 officers were elected. The 2015 district 3 meeting was a great success!Newly elected district officers

Pictured above: the 2015-2016 District 3 Officers

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Register for Day at the Capitol!

Registration is NOW open!


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