District 1 Meeting!

The district one meeting was held on October 21st in West Lyon. In addition to the state Vice-President of Public Relation, Nick Greiner, the National President, Josh Sorbe, was in attendance, who was featured as the events guest speaker. His session taught members about branding FCCLA as a positive and professional organisation by branding themselves as positive and professional individuals. The meeting was concluded with a presentation on Peer Education by the State Peer Education Coordinator, Janet Mann.


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District 8 Visit!

After traveling 4 1/2 hours to Shenandoah, Alesha Terveer and Chelsea Boyden finally made it to the District 8 meeting located at Shenandoah High School. They started off with the district officers conducting opening ceremony, reading of the minutes, and having a couple chapters present about their experiences from National Leadership Conference and National Cluster Meeting. After that, Alesha and Chelsea gave a welcoming speech and talked about peer education, STAR events, and running to be a state officer. The guest speaker, Kristan Gray,then spoke about the importance of self love and forgiveness. The state officers then had the opportunity to talk to the district officer candidates before they gave their speeches and help calm their nerves and to get them excited for an amazing year of FCCLA and leadership! Chelsea and Alesha joined the Clarinda chapter for lunch at a local restaurant called “The Sanctuary”–If you’re ever in the Shenandoah area, they highly recommend this place! Since Alesha and Chelsea had to travel such a long way, they had to leave early, but not before thanking the Clarinda chapter and congratulating the officer candidates. Congratulations to all the 2015-2016 District 8 officers! President: Alexis Stoakes, Vice President: Mikayla Rostro, Secretary: Carly Rahn, Treaserur: Ami Apperson, and District Representative: Alexis Winfield.


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District 9 Visit!

Vice President Abigail Pickard Visited District 9 on November 23rd at Southwest Valley High School in Corning, Iowa. The meeting began at 8:00 am with an opening from the District President. The meeting did not have separate breakouts, but instead had all members involved in learning activities.  Members were asked to divide into smaller groups and were given a STAR Event category.  Each group had to give a short presentation about their certain category.  The district was also educated on financial aid and how to spend their money wisely.  Abby was asked to present on STAR Events, and the State Wide Service Project.  After the meeting, she went around at talked to the members about how involved they were in FCCLA.  Many of the district members are interested in being state officers!!


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Letter from Vice President Abby Pickard!

Want to learn more about Star Events? Look here for an easy way to get started!

Star Event Letter

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Fall Leadership Rally!

Hopefully everyone is recovered from Fall Leadership Rally! It was a wonderful day at Iowa State University. Members were motivated by guest speaker, John Beede, who challenged them to find their own mountain to summit. Following that, were several breakout sessions for each member to become more educated on one of the four peer education teams, FCCLA as an organization, fundraising techniques, the statewide service projects, how to become a state officer, the building blocks of FCCLA, and how to stay involved in FCCLA beyond high school. Each chapter was then challenged to help with out statewide service project. This year Iowa FCCLA is  proud to be partnering with Children and Families of Iowa, a local charity whose central focus is also on that of the family (just like FCCLA!). The five programs offered by Children and Families of Iowa are: Domestic Violence, Teen Programs, Family Support Programs, Early Childhood Development Services, and Mental Health Services. Each chapter was challenged to donate 100 items, either bring them to State Leadership Conference or donate them to a local charity. Overall, it was a great day and a great start to the year! Next event: district meetings!

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FLR Schedule of the Day


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Order Your T-shirts and Polos!


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Board of Directors announces new Executive Director

About Timothy Marx


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If you are thinking of applying for the Executive Director position, please remember, it’s due this week by Wednesday at 11:59 pm. Also– please remember to send three reference letters to Lisa Konecne.  lkonecne@corningcsd.org

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Peer Education Welcome 2015-2016

     Peer Education 2015-2016


Dear Advisers,


This letter is to introduce Peer Education to those of you who are new advisers, and to remind all other advisers about the upcoming training and registration.


Peer Education is a State and National program that allows teens to educate their peers about relevant (teen) topics.  It is an excellent way to publicize your FCCLA chapter and to encourage members to become involved.   Members can work alone or in teams.  The team concept is explained within this letter.


Iowa Peer Education has met or exceeded the goals that were set.  Our main goal was to increase the number of members involved in Peer Education.  Over the last three years we have more than doubled the number of members involved.  We increased member involvement from 145 members two years ago to 300 members last year.  I believe that the team approach to projects has been one of the greatest factors.  I also feel that the State Officers have provided outstanding training at Fall Leadership.  They have worked very hard to provide all team members with worthwhile projects ideas.


For those members who are not sure about being on a Peer Education team they may attend the training at Fall Leadership Rally and check out each of the teams before registering to be on a team.  So encourage your members to attend Fall Leadership, and listen to the Peer Education Presentations.


The team concept:


○      Teams may be made up of 1, 2, 3 , 4 or 5 members.

■Public Relations team members from XYZ school

Team 1…..Susie Smith

Team 2…..Bill Smith, and Tom Brown

Team 3…..Jewel M., Mollie R. Kali G., Jessica P, and Kaylee H.

When working on and reporting projects, Susie will complete all three of her projects on her own.  She is a team of one. Susie will turn in her three projects report forms without including anyone else from her school.   Bill, and Tom will work together on all three projects, but when reporting or turning in their three projects, they will report as a team on the same report form…NOT three individual reports…..only one project report.  Jewel, Mollie, Kali , Kaylee and Jessica will remain a team of four also for all three projects.  Jewel (team 3) and Jane (team 2) will not switch teams they will remain working with their own team as they are registered.



Again this year the Peer Education State Officers will be holding a face-to-face training at the Fall Leadership Rally (FLR).  This will be held Monday, October 5th at Iowa State University in the Scheman building.  The cost for attending the Fall Leadership Rally is $40.00. Members attending may attend the Peer Education Trainings and then pick the team that they want to be a member of. Advisers will then register them online for the team. Chapters will then be invoiced for the registered Peer Education Team members.   For peer education team members who are unable to attend FLR, the officers will be posting the training materials on the state FCCLA website  www.iafccla.org under the “Programs Tab”.  The materials are found in the Peer Education section.  Registered team members/Advisers, and those wanting to know more about peer education may view the materials on the website.  Any members wanting to be on a team after viewing the materials will need to contact Janet Mann for registration.  All members will be charged only $5.00 for participating on a peer education team.   ($5.00 covers the cost of certificates and team recognition pins). Members and advisers have the advantage of reviewing the training materials on the website at anytime during the year or they may contact the state officers with any questions.



All members or team of members who complete all 3 projects (1 project is a required project) and then the additional two projects by the designated due dates, will receive recognition at the State Leadership Conference (SLC).  The key to success is completion of the 3 projects, on or before the designated due dates and meeting the team criteria.  Each member who meets this criteria will receive a certificate and pin at the SLC.  Advisers will be given the certificate and pin of those members who are unable to attend the SLC.


Due Dates

At the 2014 State Leadership Conference (SLC) the Peer Education State Officers conducted a survey during the meeting held for the peer education members.  It was suggested to change the dates of project submission.  The current submission dates for 2015-2016 will be Tuesday, December 1, 2015, Friday, January 15, 2016 and Friday, February 26, 2016.  These dates will fit better with school holidays, and will allow more time for the State Officers to complete their team records before the SLC.



As the State Peer Education Coordinator I have been very impressed with the projects that have been completed by members from previous years.  Peer Education is a way to get members involved at the local and state level.  For those members who are involved in STAR Events, peer education projects can be used for STAR.  For those members who are not competitive Peer Education is a perfect way for those members to build their leadership and communication skills.  As you look at your chapter members, I am sure each adviser could recommend this state/national program to some of your their chapter members.  If you are looking for a way to incorporate leadership skills into your curriculum….peer education projects can be used within the classroom or as an extension of the classroom.


As you read through these changes and need clarification, please do not hesitate to give me a call 712-433-1887 school phone, or 712-840-9856 cell.



Mrs. Janet Mann

Iowa FCCLA Peer Education Team Coordinator



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